The Faiza Hoffmann Foundations main objective is to support children from under-privileged homes within Makhonge, to achieve their dreams. Targeting Makhonge as the start-up area; The Faiza Hoffmann Foundation has helped several children with financial aid to meet their tuition and subsistence. The target is to try and give as many kids of Makhonge the chance to go to primary school, high school, university or the chance to take up industrial training, for the betterment of their lives.

The Foundation has since inception helped 10 children in the area; among them, Dorine. She is attending Karl-Rüprecht University in Heidelberg studying German and Culture since April 2009. Dorine intends to start with her bachelor in Heidelberg Germany next year in September 2010 (Mathematics and Computer Science). Anton has taken up industrial training as a master joiner.